May 15th, 2011

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Saturday, In Review

So, because I managed to fix some issues with the ebook version of "Are Aliens Eating My Crackers?" and send that off for conversion, Saturday morning wasn't a total waste. Saturday afternoon was spent with snottygrrl (after dropping off BTVS Seasons 2 & 3 for grrlpup and sanguinity, and recovering my hat and sunglasses from where I left them on Friday).

We attended the final performance of "It’s Been a Busy Week — An Everyday Dancing Experiment." Snottygrrl's SILS is a very talented dancer, and had a solo section, as well as being in most of the ensemble parts. A photographer was on stage as part of the show; he took a bunch of pictures during the performance (and the camera was passed around the dancers at different times), and were displayed as a slideshow afterward. I kinda wished they had a wireless set up, so each photo was displayed on the screen behind them during the performance, because that would be really cool. Still, I felt the underlying theme warning about a possible future crisis caused by the Helium Privatization Act of 1996 (which is phasing out our National Helium Reserve) was well handled (neither too preachy nor too conciliatory), and it was a fun show to watch.

Then a grocery shopping trip and I dropped snottygrrl off at her brother & SILS's house for some nephew-sitting, and headed home for an evening of Criminal Minds S5 ("Rite of Passage" and "Thousand Words").

So, on a scale of omelet to eyepatch (eyepatch being the highest), I'd rate Saturday a tablesaw.
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