May 14th, 2011



I've got the morning to work on book projects and have been trying to edit a description for "Philbert Whomperstomper Tales," but I'm just staring at the monitor and listening to the dial tone in my head. Smurf.

Could have something to do with yesterday's activities. BHFT has been busy; I was coordinating a production deployment all week, with Thursday being a long, non-stop day. I'd hoped to be able to leave early on Friday, which I did, but only by half an hour, which isn't quite what I'd been expecting. On the way over to sanguinity's house, I did mail my entry to the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards contest, which was good (Yay!). And then she and I walked to the library and back. Also good. Then we were joined by bookherd, and grrlpup arrived home, so we all went to dinner at Dick's Kitchen on Belmont. We weren't quite ready to call it a night, so we looked at Bushwhacker Cider (1212-D SE Powell), and decided that since we were there, looking at it, we could actually consume some cider. That kicked off another decision-making process, but we were saved by bookherd buying a sampler set of the six ciders on tap. I had tiny sips of each one (since I was driving and am notoriously delicate), but it seems to have been enough to make my head all swimmy and a bit achy today. Double Smurf.

But I did have a good time, and bookherd give me a bunch of tiny kaiju figures and the Librarian Action Figure, so even though my brain seems to be made of Uncomfortable Gruel today, I'm glad I went.
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