May 7th, 2011

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Inception Fan Fiction: When Memories Come Unbidden

I don't write a lot of fan fiction, but sometimes ideas comes to me, and they keep bouncing around in my head until I write them down just to make them leave me alone.

It helps if you've seen the movie "Inception" to appreciate this fic, but it is not necessary: Arthur/Eames, Rated for All Audiences, but contains graphic emotional entanglement, intensely codependent relationship, implied hot m/m action. 102w.

When Memories Come UnbiddenCollapse )
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Sometimes I Even Wonder Why I Make A Plan

Today I was going to: 1) Take drarwenchicken, BILJ and Hz to the airport, 2) assemble this week's Newsletter, 3) call my mother, 4) do laundry, and 5) script a comic.

So, I did the first thing. When I returned home, I forgot to eat a real breakfast during my daily websurfing ritual, and got all shaky hungry. While finally eating, I felt driven to write out a distracting (albeit magnificent) fan fic, then tried to start in on the unfinished tasks. Felt too restless and hungry to sit, so went grocery shopping. Then unpacked and repacked all my remaining "Ask Dr. Eldritch" merchandise (now in 2 bins, not 3! Yay!), and added Zombie Danger Cards to my CafePress store. Had enough momentum to tidy up 100 square feet of floor space and set Mr. Upstairs Dishwasher to washing two loads of dishes (one for my housemates, one for me).

Oh, and I learned that the deadline for the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book contest has been pushed to May 16th, so I prepared an entry, and got ready to send it. Then the USPS site kept failing when I tried to buy postage, saying to try again later. Is it a sign from the Universe that I just shouldn't bother? Probably, but I'm going to ignore it anyway, and send in the book. Even if I have to use stamps.

So, that was my day.
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