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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

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"Will You Sing The Squid Song To Me?"
Up until now, Hz has never been allowed past the baby gate at the top of the stairs alone. Coming up on 35 months, however, she's grown to the point where she can navigate stairs without help. So Sunday night, Hz came downstairs to say goodnight on her own. (Of course, someone had to open the gate for her. Do you also get a mental image of Liam Neeson in a beard saying, "RELEASE THE TODDLER!"? I know I do.)

She showed me her pjs, which had frogs and hearts on them. We talked about her day, and then she asked me to sing the Squid Song. Did you ever learn a camp song with the line, "The horses run around, their feet are on the ground?" I have a version of that with original lyrics for Hz. The first lines are about squid. I sing it to her whenever she asks. It has only one verse so far, but when she turns three, another verse will be added. So it will go until she loses interest.

She really likes it now. I think we'll end up with a bunch of verses.

Current Mood: avuncular

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