April 20th, 2011


Sunday: Stumptown Report

I hope my tweets prior to the show didn't give the wrong impression: I really do enjoy Stumptown Comics Fest. The pre-show jitters just manifest in a bit of anxiety and doubt. Every year I have moments where I wonder, "Why am I doing this?", but once things get going, I have a great time.

tyamat (aka Zombie Gurl TJ) made a surprise visit! That was so very awesome. She provided all but one of the quotes on the back of Book #2, and I was thrilled to be able to give her a copy in person.

Phil Foglio came over as I was setting up, asked how I was doing, and apologized for not sending me a blurb for my book. We talked, I pointed out that I had book #3 coming up, and he promised that he'd do something for that, and I thanked him for his concern. I did pretty well, considering that every time we talk, a part of my brain thinks I should be squeeing, "OMIGOD, it's YOU, and you're TALKING TO ME!!" and then falling over.

There were even more people this year who came up to the table to tell me that they follow the Comic or the Newsletter. I always appreciate hearing that people enjoy my work. I gave out a bunch of this year's Reader Bonus: Combination Flashlight/Keychain/Tiger Repeller. So far, nobody who has received one has been attacked by a tiger!*

This year I decided to pace myself. I've never really seen much of an uptick in my web stats after a show, so I don't know if my saturation technique has been all that effective. This time, I allowed for more self-selection; people got the pitch if they stopped to look, or to buy zombie danger cards or bumper stickers. This meant I didn't wear out my voice by the end of the first day. I was still tired, though.

On Saturday, had post-show dinner with snottygrrl, at Roost. On Sunday, had post-show dinner with bookherd at Dick's Kitchen. Excellent food and company at both places, but each time, I was quite zonked by the end of the meal.

There's more I could go on about, but I'll post this and start thinking about next year. :-)

* That I know of. YMMV.
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Monday: Counting Books

During my Day Off on Monday, it occurred to me that I have five book projects going on:

1. Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #2 Why Does My Monster Hate Me? I have proof copies to review, and then release the finished version.

2. Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #3 (Currently Unnamed Ask Dr. Eldritch Book). Working on the advice column letters, thinking about cover art.

3. The Last Astrology Book You'll Ever Need: The Ask Dr. Eldritch HOROSCOPE OF MYSTERY! Home Version. I have a Minion working on formatting the content from the existing horoscopes.

4. Philbert Whomperstomper Tales. My father's book of stories, which needs to be set up for final printing.

5. The Joyest Place In The World. It's almost time to start revising the first draft, and getting it ready to pitch.

And that doesn't even include the final Advice Column compilation of all three books in one volume.

Some other time, I'll enumerate the Graphic Novel projects.
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Wednesday: An Adventure

About 7:30, Hz knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to go to the park. She said she'd only go down the slide ONE TIME.

How could I say no? We got our coats, and headed down to the park. We climbed the play structure, ran along the low concrete wall, walked in the woods looking for pretend crocodiles, and sang the Squid Song through the speaking tube. And we slid down the slide (but many more times than just once).

When it was time to go home, we had to slide down the slide just a few more times, but we headed off without any fuss to speak of.

It was fun being Uncle Evan.
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