March 29th, 2011

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Remember a loooooong time ago (February), when I was making references to a Sekkrit Project? No? Well, I was. It was a Birthday Present, so I didn't want to talk to much about it before the Recipient received it, but he has (like, weeks ago), but by then I was up to my eyeballs in Stumptown prep, so I totally forgot to mention it until NOW.

So, you may know that my father been a storyteller for years. He has a bunch of original pieces about a woodcutter character, Philbert Whomperstomper, who lives in the forest around Calaveras County. He'd written them down, and sent them to me. So I formatted them into a manuscript and put together a wrap-around cover for a hardback book, and printed a copy for him for his 80th birthday. Here's the cover image:

Book Cover
Click to enlarge.

Most of the photos were taken by my father and my older brother, in the area around where they live. I changed them to black-and-white and sepia for an "old-timey" feel, and added the white borders.

He was VERY pleased. When I talked to him after he opened his present, his first questions were, "How can I get more?" and "Can I sell them on Amazon?" Once things calm down here, I plan on setting it up with an ISBN and getting it listed. Then I'll print copies for all of us siblings, and a few extra for my father to sell in the museum where he works.

A big success all around, if you ask me. :-)
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