March 7th, 2011

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Jury Duties

When one is called for Jury Duty in Clackamas County, they give you the option of requesting to postpone one's service up to a year (they get to decide when, you just know it will be some time in the next twelve months). This request is made by sending in a post card. We're told that we won't hear anything back, unless your request is denied. Does anyone else see the problem with this? So, if the Court gets our plea and decides to allow us to delay our Jury Time, we hear nothing. And if the postcard gets lost in the mail, we hear nothing. This is very stressful for someone who prefers Positive Confirmation. And who worries about accidentally being held in Contempt of Court for not showing up when summoned.

If it wasn't a very bad time to leave TNG alone at BHFT, I would have just done the Jury Duty now. It would probably be less stressful.
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