March 6th, 2011

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How Did It Get To Be Sunday Night SO SOON!?!

Lots of this weekend went to looking at online catalogs of promotional items, trying to find something interesting and Eldritch. And inexpensive. Sure, I could give away USB flash drives, but they're about $5 each. I might go with keychain/whistle/lights. At least they're multi-purpose. If I could come up with a good idea for a mini-poster or large postcard, I'd happily go with that. Like a companion piece to the Zombie Danger Cards. *sigh*

Went with snottygrrl to see "Rango." The art direction is good (although there's an anthropomorphic lizard with hair, and white eyes. Creepy). Not a kids' movie. There's some violence that's really not for the little ones. Points for funny bits, and casting Claudia Black as an anthropomorphic fox. I think they wanted it to be an animated homage to Sergio Leone AND a film suitable for children, but apparently they couldn't manage both. If you see it, I'd like to compare notes and find out if you were bothered by the things that bothered me. It's being very popular with critics, but I wonder how many of them take their small children to see it? Caveat emptor.
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