February 23rd, 2011

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Hey, You Know Funny! Help Me Out!

Okay, so I'm preparing my entry to the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards, and it's got to be in the mail by Friday. Based on the categories, I'm entering just the Best Writer one (which I'll complain about later). I'm allowed to submit 20 comics, from the ones that I published from May, 2010 through February, 2011. I didn't post many more than 20 during that time, which makes the choice easier. Still, after I select all the ones that are part of a series and the good stand-alone ones, I come up with 21 comics. So what better way to choose the final contingent than a poll?

Knowing that every comic I create is a Precious Gem of Humor, I'm not asking which one is least funny. God no. Let's say, in your opinion, which one of the following comics does the least to support the case that I deserve the Best Writer award and can therefore be culled from the herd?

Links: Comic 660 Comic 662 Comic 663 Comic 669 Comic 671 Comic 672 Comic 673 Comic 677 Comic 681

Poll #1709237 Ask Dr. Eldritch Comic Award Choice

Or, which comic is least likely to impress an Arts Awards Judge?

Comic 660 - Excelsior
Comic 662 - Superdilemma
Comic 663 - Stir Crazy
Comic 669 - Presents
Comic 671 - Questions
Comic 672 - Numbers
Comic 673 - Sibling Rivalry
Comic 677 - Post-Halloween
Comic 681 - Lowest Common

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