February 19th, 2011

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Did you know that if you fall backward and hit your head pretty hard against a wall, that if you're exhausted two week later, fighting the flu and taking Tamiflu, all that stress on your brain can cause episodes of significant dizziness, diminished concentration, difficulty speaking, tinnitus and nausea? Fortunately, if the CAT Scan shows that there's no cranial bleeding, the cure is rest and not hitting your head on things. We learned all this last night.

So it seems that drarwenchicken will be okay. She's got an appointment with her regular physician in an hour, but right now, prognosis is very good.

Thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes and support!
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Important Update

Spring roll wrappers do not make good taco shell replacements. Maybe they'd be better if I made them more like taco rolls.

As you were...
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