February 3rd, 2011

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019


My shoulders ached today. Apparently Hz is having a growth spurt, so she's a bit more stumbly and flaily while her proprioceptor system catches up. That's not why I was aching, strictly speaking. I had a chiropractic adjustment on Wednesday. A rather major one. See, last weekend, I was heading out for a walk with drarwenchicken and Hz, as we often do. Hz wanted to show me her Super-Duper Jump from the steps. I got the nudge to stay close as I watched. I think Hz originally intended to just jump to the next step, then decided to go all the way to the ground at the last second, which came out as jumping down 1½ steps. It didn't work so well. As she lurched forward, falling toward the driveway, I lunged. I got one hand beneath her as she reached horizontal, and managed to bring her to a stop with her face scant inches from the concrete.

So, a face-plant was averted, but I kinda torqued my back in a not-friendly way. Still worth it.
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