January 28th, 2011


So, Stumptown!

I got an email earlier this week from the Exhibitor Coordinator at Stumptown Comics Fest. My application was accepted. I'm going to Stumptown!*

The plan is to share a table with abrassea, of chainsaw comics. This is all going down at the Convention Center on April 16 & 17, 2011.

I guess I'd pretty much given up on going, so once I got the green light, my mind has been spinning like a very fast spinny thing, trying to decide what to do. I'd like to debut a book or graphic novel, but that means a March 1 deadline to send to a printer, so just over four weeks to come up with the content. That's a bit fast for a graphic novel, so I'm favoring a book of my stick-figure comics. Which covers about 10 pages, so I'd need some filler. Maybe I'll see if I have any funny stuff to throw in there between the pictures.

So, you wrote those dates on your calendar, right?

* Well, I'm already here. Darn those multiple meanings of words!
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