January 23rd, 2011

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The ER, So Far.

Sitting in the ER, waiting for drarwenchicken to be seen. The urgent care clinic in Sellwood said that her abdominal pains warranted further checking out. We got here about 3:00, and are still waiting for an exam room almost three hours later. I'm glad I decided to go home to get laptops and eat some food. My headache is still lingering, but I hardly feel like I can complain.

ETA: 6:59pm. drarwenchicken just got taken for an ultrasound.

ETA: 7:59pm. She's just back from ultrasound. No news yet on what they found, if anything.

ETA: 8:21pm. Ultrasound is normal. Probably flu, or some such, which should pass in a few days. So, waiting on extraction of IV, and paperwork to get checked out. Hey, nurse just arrived to do just that!

ETA: 9:24pm. Home!
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