January 21st, 2011

Kato Pleased

Foodie Friday

You can tell it was a long day because when snottygrrl called me at 4:30, I was still at BHFT. And I wasn't done. I had started one of those "I'll just do this one last thing before I go" tasks, and it kept getting bigger. I finally sent off an email to a bunch of people, and said that we would talk about it on Monday. And I left.

She and I went to Laurelhust Market. Remember the nondescript mini-mart across from Music Millennium on East Burnside? It's now a meat-based brasserie, bar and full-service butcher shop. Really. While we waited in the bar area, we ordered a couple of complicated drinks. I had a Chrysanthemum, which had Vermouth, Bactine and Absinthe.* Sno had a "Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall," which was worth it just for the name.**

Dinner was quite good; I had flatiron steak*** and pommes frites, my companion ordered the beef short ribs, roasted parsnips and some other fiddly bits. Dessert was a baked apple pastry with ice cream, which technically we split, although I could only eat the fruit part. Still, artfully baked apple with cinnamon does not make us mad.

Not a budget place to go for dinner, but if you have a craving for hearty, meat-oriented fare, they will provide.

* Okay, that was probably Bénédictine. Just seeing who's paying attention.

** Sadly, the drink does not make you feel ten feet tall. That's what Love does. My drink made me feel warm and glowy with a hint of anise, which is kind of like Love.

*** For those of you keeping score at home, it was probably 95% of the beef I will eat this year. I felt like I had to point that out.
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