January 15th, 2011

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Aside from a trip to the library and coffeeshop in the morning with drarwenchicken and Hz, the day was mostly devoted to snottygrrl. We went to IKEA, which is already an adventure, but we did it in pouring rain, when a LOT of other people went at the same time. We looked at a huge amount of stuff. Despite getting all tired and spacey halfway through, I gathered information on shelving units for storing my office materials.

We got back to her place for a few minutes, then it was time to meet BA and TJ at Nostrana for snottygrrl's birthday dinner. Delicious food and good company. It felt like it was late, but we had an early reservation, so even with a 2-hour meal, we got back to snottygrrl's flat about 7:30. We ended up talking for a few hours more, so by the time I actually got home and to bed, it was really late. A good day.
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