January 10th, 2011

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Today's Post is Brief Because There Are Rude People

snottygrrl spent much of our grocery-shopping time ranting about people being beastly in online fanfic forums. It wasn't that this upset me, but it did make me think about empathy and kindness as I drove home. And it wasn't that I was down or depressed, but when Hz knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to sit with her while she ate dinner, I said yes. Turned out she wasn't really hungry, so that didn't last very long, but then we played in the living room, then her room, then we read a Good Dog Carl book, then played catch with the big blue ball, read another book, and then it was bath time. So I came downstairs to write this, but a minute later drarwenchicken and Hz came downstairs too, to advance the laundry (it wasn't bath time after all), and Hz knocked on my door again, and we played a little bit more.

So that's what I did this evening, instead of composing a longer post.
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