January 7th, 2011

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The Hz and Evan Show!

I was upstairs playing with Hz, who started singing into her toy microphone*. So then drarwenchicken pulled out her video camera, and we went right into The Hz and Evan Show! We told some jokes, Hz played with the Magic Bowl**, and she danced***. We signed off, and it was great! For our first time working together, I think we did a pretty solid show, although Hz seriously needs to work on her punchlines.

Of course, while there are 2,853 cables for various electronic devices in the house, the one that allows the video camera to upload recordings to a computer cannot be found. When it turns up****, I'll edit in some titles and post it on the Internet.

* It's got a spring in it, so it makes everything you say sound all echo-zoomy.

** Which looked to me like a regular green plastic bowl. I suspect its magical properties are not visible to the eye.

*** The "Spin Around In A Circle" Dance. I don't do it. I get dizzy.

**** We looked in the video camera bag, the camera bag and the desk drawers (where we found many power adapters). It's probably in some place as logical as the hall closet, between the spare towels and the toilet paper reserves.
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