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So, What's All This Then?
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Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

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Well, there's this king, and he gives a speech...
Today snottygrrl and I went to see "The King's Speech." Despite having no car chases, gunfire, explosions, nudity, swearing, punching or armadillos, it's a pretty good movie. It will undoubtedly be mentioned a lot at Oscar time. I didn't find it an "omigoditsthebestmovieEVAR!!" film, but I enjoyed it, and it felt a fine way to spend two hours.

After that, we had burgers at Dick's Kitchen on Belmont. I missed seeing the Emu Burger special (I got distracted by the notice that they did serve gluten-free buns), so I went with the Buffalo, and the yam "fries" (baked, not fried). It was right tasty, and there were a bunch of other things on the menu that sounded interesting, so I can see going back again.

Oh yes: We saw a preview for "Jane Eyre," but it made no mention of robot assassins being sent back from the future. I hate it when Hollywood messes with the classics.

Current Mood: cheerful

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