January 1st, 2011


You Know You Want It: The Annual First Lines of 2010 Post

Gather the Children and Old People around the computer screen to all Gaze in Awe and Exclaim in Wonder, as my predictions for the Top Five News Stories in 2010 That You Won't Read About are indeed, 100% ACCURATE! Well, by "accurate" I mean that none of them were reported by any reputable news source or Fox News. You might ask, "But did they happen? What is True?" To which I would say, "Let's not get hung up on "Facts," but instead, brace ourselves for the Annual First Lines of 2010 Post!"

Here They Are, In Chronological Order, Behind This Cut...Collapse )
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First Draft Finished!

I just finished the first draft of "The Joyest Place In The World," my humorous fantasy NaNo novel from 2005.

Yeah, that means I spent 62 months on it. Most of that time, not actually writing. But what's important, and what's making me so happy, is that I DID actually finish it, after a lot of wondering whether I would ever get my act together and do so.

There will, of course, be much editing and associated gnashing of teeth in the future. But that's later. For now, I'm happy.
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