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So, What's All This Then?
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Friday, December 31st, 2010

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What I Did Thursday
You probably didn't notice, but I shut off the Internet for most of Thursday and had a Writing Day. I'd planned to do a lot more of that this week, but I'd also planned to get in shape, achieve perfect health, and get my Life In Order before New Year's Day, so it's not the only objective that slipped a bit. Anyway, the Good News is that I have about 8,500 words of the story that hasn't been posted yet. The Relatively-Bad-News is that there's still a section missing from the middle of the final act, and I'm going to wait until I've finished that before I let anyone read it.

If one counts today, I still have four days before I return to BHFT. I could finish this novel before the New Work Year starts. THAT would feel like a Major Accomplishment.

Current Mood: accomplished
What I Learned in 2010
Okay, this isn't my full "2010: A Year In Review" post. I learned that when you make a vegan sweet-potato pie using tapioca-and-potato-starch egg replacer, it comes out a bit bland if you don't put in some oil to make up for the lack of egginess in the custard. But a layer of Vanilla So Delicious Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert on the pie does well at making up for it.

Current Mood: mmmmmm!

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