December 21st, 2010

Evan Christmas

Okay, Tired Now

Had a full day of Big Happy Fun Time, although the last hour was worked from home. Then spent way too much time working on the Newsletter. Maybe I can learn to be funny on demand, but when I'm tired, it's much more difficult. I thought about whining about it here, but that got me to thinking about a member of my flist who as been apologizing lately for whining during our phone conversations. Frankly, there's no need for her to apologize, as I don't mind. I think everyone needs an outlet, someone who they can gripe to about Life and How It Is Disappointing, and the listener doesn't have to fix it or offer advice, just listen and if possible, be comforting.

I suppose that if all one ever did was whine, that would grow tiring, but we all need to vent sometime. Because I don't know anyone whose life is going so well that they have nothing to complain about. And actually, over the last couple years, it seems that there have been a lot of my friends' lives that have been getting harder. Wearing thin. Fraying at the seams. Or just Not Going to Plan. Some have faced significant obstacles and setbacks. Like struggling against foreclosure. Health challenges. Prolonged unemployment. Loss of loved ones. I know that downturns are a part of Life, but they should be counterbalanced by commensurate upturns, right?

My real Christmas Wish would be that I could do something for my friends who are struggling to Make It All Better. Solve all the problems. Ease all the pains. I know I can't, but I wish I could.

For now, if I can be the person to reduce some stress merely by listening sympathetically, I'll do that.
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