December 16th, 2010


Sick Day

Woke up in the middle of the night with EXCEEDINGLY painful sore throat. Decided I wasn't going to work today. But then got to thinking about all the things that were pending (plus there's always something Going Wrong), so I didn't feel good about just staying home. So, I compromised. I went in at 6:00, set up all my "I'm out sick today" messages, got my work laptop, and came back home.

So, thanks to the Miracle of Technology, I can be at home in my pajamas, and still call into meetings and log into the BHFT computers via VPN. And like most technology, it kinda does what it's supposed to, but not quite. I can see the applications and file directories, but every third or fourth click/enter has a response time over 30 seconds. And when I try to access some spreadsheets that need to be worked on today, the computer freezes up for a couple minutes, then announces that it cannot read them. I don't know if the problem is with our wireless router, our ISP, the VPN or the host servers. So rather than actually getting work done, I'm trying to get work done. This is sub-optimal.

I should probably just give up and watch cartoons. But I feel bad about dumping the work onto others. And I feel sick.

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