December 4th, 2010


The Answer, So Far....

Not so much writing. Woke up tired, never really felt up to speed. Something in the Thai food from last night? It doesn't have to make me feel bad per se, just keep me from sleeping well enough to feel good the next day. Sucked. Probably totally unrelated to my right eye being very red and irritated when I woke up (making me wonder if I'd have to deal with conjunctivitis on a weekend). It got better.

So, I did get laundry done, and errands, talked with my mother and took a walk with drarwenchicken and Hz. And poked at webcomic scripts, and an idea I have for the Dr. Eldritch Steampunk graphic novel, but not really much at all on my novel.

I had the DVD for "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" from the library with the intention of just watching the Bonus Features, but ended up watching the movie again with the cast commentary track and the Trivia sub-titles, which was all rather entertaining. Like hanging out with a bunch of actors while being reminded of how much I liked the movie and learning a bunch about all the design touches in the art direction.

Makes me want to write something that cool. Wish I felt up to it.
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