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So, What's All This Then?
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Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

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The Three Doctors (Sorry, Not A Dr. Who Reference)
Three doctor appointments this week:
1. Orthodontist. As previously mentioned, I got braces. Earlier reports of the ache being "Not Bad" were premature. I got tired of whimpering whenever I ate, so switched to soft foods, like soup and oatmeal, and took to dicing my chicken into tiny, barely-have-to-be-chewed bits. It's now Day 6, and the soreness is limited to a couple spots, so it's much better. Still feels weird having Extra Stuff in my mouth. Photos behind the cut below, if you're interested.

2. Urologist. Some very, very good news. While my Primary Care Physician has been talking about struvite stones and multiple formations growing huge in both kidneys, my Urologist thinks that I just have regular stones. He showed me the CT scan, which indicates three tiny stones, and the one that passed over Labor Day week. Yes, still having stones does suck, but he said that regular consumption of lemonade can actually slow (and possibly reverse) stone growth. So while I still have the chance of a stone passing at any time, I have less to worry about, and some action I can take to make things better. This helps a lot. I go back in a year for an x-ray to see how things stand.

3. Optometrist. A year ago, my Optometrist's partner prescribed contacts for me that had AWESOME distance vision, but I couldn't focus well on anything within six feet. A few changes were made, and we settled on a pair that wasn't as great for distance, but I could see stuff within arm's reach again. I still needed reading glasses for reading and using the computer. I had hopes that my eyes would adjust and obviate the glasses, but they never did. So this year, I specifically asked to be able to see close-up without reading glasses. We're trying monocular vision, where my left eye is better for seeing close-up to mid-range, and my right is better for mid-range to distance vision. There's a period of adjustment as my brain deals with this dichotomy, but other people I know who have tried this said that within a week or so they stopped noticing it at all. And I can see up close! I can read my text messages without putting on reading glasses! I'm typing this right now WITHOUT GLASSES! This is very exciting.

Want to see photos of my braces? They've already been described as "scary," so it's up to you whether you think you can handle them or not. I mean, they're just teeth. Admittedly with wires and plastic bits glued to them.

Photos, As Requested, Behind This Cut...Collapse )

As always, thanks for reading!

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