May 16th, 2010

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Weekend Update

Sunday evening already! Where do the days go?

Well, I do know how my mornings went. I played golf twice! lenser was going to play on Sunday, but... well, you know how that always works out. Sunday morning did have some Golf In The Rain. Fortunately the showers only lasted a few minutes, and I was able to stand under cover to wait them out.

Went with snottygrrl to see the pre-release screening of "Play Again" on Saturday. It's a documentary about children not playing outdoors anymore, and now spending most of their time indoors with various screens. The Portland showing was because a group of Portland teenagers were featured in it. It was okay. It raised some interesting points, but it didn't really wrestle with the material. Don't all fly to Barcelona to see it, but if you're curious, you might watch for it to show up at a local art house.

Walked with sanguinity midday on Sunday, and got rained on again. After a visit with her and grrlpup, I headed home. As I drove through Downtown Milwaukie, I saw drarwenchicken and Hz waiting at the ATM (well, it's probably not the only ATM in Downtown Milwaukie, but it might be). So I stopped, and we all went to the Farmers Market to buy gluten-free noodles.

Got strength for a Cute Hz Story? drarwenchicken asked me to read to Hz for ten minutes, so she could get some tidying up done. Hz was more interested in playing than reading, which was fine, but after a little while, she decided she wanted her Mom back so they could take a nap. So Hz waves to me and says, "Bye, Uncle Evan! Thank you for playing with me! See you next week!" At least she's polite when she lets me know that she's done with me. :-)
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