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So, What's All This Then?
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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

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I Thought I Swore That I'd Never Do This Again
I want to complain. I mean, why does this always happen to me? It's unfair! *whine whine whine gripe gripe gripe complain*

As you may gather, I'm not pleased that I'm spending a beautiful Pacific Northwest Spring Weekend in bed with a cold. I'd hoped to play golf twice, attend Dude M's 50th Birthday party, see "Iron Man 2" with snottygrrl, and get a bunch done on the comic/Newsletter/merchandise. I did venture out on Saturday afternoon for the party. Not sure if that caused the setback that evening, but felt pretty bad. And now I've started coughing, which is being Not Fun.

When I wasn't sleeping, I did work my way through the stack of movies I had from the library and Netflix. Here are my thoughts (keep in mind that my impressions of these films was probably affected by my general malaise). There's no "Crying Game" level of secrets in any of these movies, and I'll try to keep things general enough so I'm not giving away any spoilers if you, for some reason, want to watch any of these movies.

The Informant!Collapse )

The Men Who Stare At GoatsCollapse )

Astro BoyCollapse )

Have You Heard About The Morgans?Collapse )

The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeCollapse )

MoonCollapse )

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