April 25th, 2010

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Not The Stumptown Report, Yet

I was going to type up a quick Stumptown Day #1 report, but then I heard people awake upstairs, so I went up to say good morning, and ended up playing with Hz, and now I have just enough time to talk about that. She has grown from being the Cutest Baby In The World to the Cutest Toddler In The World, and in just the last weeks has gone from pronouncing my name "eeun" to "Uncle Evan" (although it's still a little bit "Effan," but hey, she's not even 2 yet, so I'll cut her some slack). She's almost always happy to see me, and likes directing me in whatever game she wants to play. Today it was "Jump," where she would designate whose turn it was to stand on the jumping board (half of a wooden cutting board she put in the middle of the living room), and that person would jump off of it. Apparently the fun part was watching, because I'd jump about a dozen times before she would announce that it was her turn. She'd jump once, and then it was my turn(s) again.

There will probably come a point where grown-ups are far less interesting to her than her contemporaries. For now, I'm really enjoying reading books, playing games, and being towed about by the hand wherever she decides we're going next. It's pretty awesome.
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