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So, What's All This Then?
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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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Wherein Life Does Not Go To Plan
Okay, the plan was to spend the day preparing for Stumptown, then spend an hour doing load-in and training of one of the Booth Minions, then hie off to Hillsdale for Dude Night. The all-day-preparation part of that did happen, although I didn't expect to also be the one to hang around at home waiting for the washer repairman. drarwenchicken and BILJ were off doing Serious Grown-Up Stuff, so it only made sense that I filled that role, and despite Mr. Repairman showing up in the afternoon instead of the expected morning, that was fine.

Then, I learn that all the other Dudes wouldn't be able to attend Dude Night. In the going-on-twenty-year monthly tradition, I don't think any more than two or three Dude Nights have been canceled due to conflicts. I suppose I could have still gone to drink beer by myself (like that would happen), but I was happy for the thought that I'd have a couple extra hours this evening.

So I load up my car with all my Dr. Eldritch stuff, and fortuitously decided to check my email before I left. One of my Minions had sent a message mid-afternoon, saying that she was flying out to Arizona for a family emergency. She was the designated trainee for the evening, so I didn't need to go train her. If I was willing to do my load-in and set-up in the morning, I really didn't have to go anywhere tonight.

That gave me a few minutes to consider my options: Impose on my friends? Ask the other Minion to work longer shifts to cover the time? See if any of the other applicants were available? After some rumination, I decided to send out emails, in the hope that someone could step in on short notice.

BILJ and drarwenchicken were back at this point, and they suggested going out to dinner. With my evening free, that seemed a grand idea, especially to Hz (as we all got into the car, she told me to sit in the seat next her, and then told me to put on my seat belt. The Nichols genes are strong in this one). After a day of near-constant motion, it was nice to be able to sit at a meal with family and visit for a while.

Oh, yes! Just as we were leaving home, I got a call from a potential Minion, who was promptly hired, and she'll show up for the afternoon shift tomorrow! So apparently she was destined to be a Minion, after all.

Even if things didn't go exactly as planned, they seem to be working out okay.

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