March 8th, 2010

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What A Weekend That Was!

Have you ever had a long weekend so awesomely enjoyable that during the Monday-morning commute you think about how the work week is going to seem even more gray and tedious in comparison and you start quietly sobbing to yourself? Well, there wasn't actual crying this morning, but you get the idea.

Sunday held up quite well next to Saturday: Spent the morning assembling Monday's comic, then picked up snottygrrl and went to the Open House at Rob and maryrobinette's place. Sno's much more gregarious than I am, so she'll strike up conversations with strangers. I exploit this by staying close to her so I can join in, instead of merely hovering on the fringes of the party and hoping that someone interesting will talk to me. In exchange, I provide her transportation. It's an agreeable symbiosis.

After a couple hours of that, we headed out to BA's place for the annual Oscars Party. As always, there were food items representing each of the Best-Picture nominated films (complicated by the increase to 10 entries, but there was some judicious doubling-up). I particularly liked the "District 9" alien treats (not that I could eat them, but they looked great). I was pleased to win the prize for the most correct winner guesses (16 of 24 categories).

The only real downside of the afternoon was a combination of Bountiful Spring Pollen and seven hours of cat-inhabited areas. Even with antihistamines, I was congested and my lungs felt tight. Still, I survived and it wasn't enough to diminish the overall success of the weekend.

Next Weekend: Emerald City Comic Con!
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