December 9th, 2009

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For Those Of You Not In The Pacific Northwest

You know how I like to joke that it rains in Oregon from October to June? This week is one that disproves that assertion; it's clear and sunny. And freakin' cold. Seriously. All the Weather Persons on TV are pointing to Western Oregon on their maps and saying, "And here, it's freakin' cold." Without our protective cloud cover, there's nothing to keep the moon from sucking all the heat out into Space, and last night's low temperatures was 17° (which is -8° C, which is even COLDER! Because it's NEGATIVE!) I know that there are places in this country where below-freezing temperatures are a normal occurrence all winter, but we're not used to such cold weather in these parts. So to be honest, it's not raining. But it's freakin' cold.