November 13th, 2009

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In Other News...

Hi, Everybody! It's time to fling another quick LJ post into the Ether. Top Headline: I've received the second proof copy of my book! Once approved (and I'm assuming that this is the final round), the book will be available for sale on, and start the process of being listed at other online booksellers. Yay!

I've been pretty quiet lately since the project at BHFT is in the final stage, and it's been consuming much of my attention. Plus, I've been waking up way too early, so by the end of the work day, I'm all tuckered out. The good news is that we've been deploying our changes and they seem to be working fine. If things continue as planned, everything will be in place before Thanksgiving! That would be great.

Remember, Book Launch Party at the Old Church on December 1st!
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