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So, What's All This Then?
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Saturday, November 7th, 2009

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Ohmigod, FLASHLIGHTS! Call the POLICE!
Long-time Readers know that I generally don't create posts that are just links to other things on the Internet, because they're not about me. But I found this police blotter entry so amusing, I just had to. I haven't found the original source, so rather than linking to another site, I'll quote the newspaper's text as shown. From a "Police Blotter" style column:

10:10: p.m.: Suspicious people were reportedly doing something with flashlights by
the side of a North 5th Street in Custer. a deputy checked and found the people were
not suspicious, but merely Canadian. The out-of-towners were enjoying an evening stroll.
I do love this bit: They're not suspicious, they're merely Canadians! But the part that simultaneously amuses me and makes me roll my eyes in despair is that there are people out there who cannot differentiate between "suspicious activity" and "other people going for a walk." Or maybe it's that going for a walk is so unusual now that it seems suspicious. Or both.

Current Mood: annoyed with the Humans

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