October 13th, 2009

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Apparently, I'm Posting Weekly Now

So much going on, and yet, I'm hardly posting anything. (Sorry about that!) For example, last weekend was highly social. On Friday evening I went to The Librarian's house, where she, her roommate A, sanguinity, grrlpup and I worked on our 3 On The 3rd comics (I also drew and inked some potential Vote Incentive comics, too). I didn't actually post any of them, however, as I went on Saturday morning to snottygrrl's new flat. My procrastination had paid off, and I hadn't taken Mr. TV to be recycled yet, so he'll enjoy a semi-retirement providing her with video images (once she gets a digital converter and/or DVD player).

She and I then went to Wordstock. Snottygrrl had specific authors she wished to see, so we heard presentations by Scott Westerfeld, Laini Taylor and Sarah Rees Brennan, each talking about their respective books (and we spoke with Ms. Brennan for a bit, too). I had writer/artist friends I wanted to see, so in between speakers we wandered the exhibit hall, where we met and chatted with David Levine, David Malki !, Aaron Diaz, Dylan Meconis, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett (and I bough a copy of their new Boilerplate book). Even though I didn't have a book to pitch or sell, I found it all very energizing, and reminded me that I want to be one of the speakers at such events. After that, we were hungry and spacey, so we went to Hoda's for a tasty dinner of kabob an lamb shwarma.

Sunday saw a Family Brunch with BILJ's side of the family. Eight adults and four children. Enjoyable, but you can imagine that after a while, I was Done With Being Around So Many People. So I worked on my new Sekkrit Craft Project until sanguinity called and suggested an afternoon walk. After that, the weekend was over, except for the dinner and TV and sleeping.

So, a good weekend, if one that went by much too fast.
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