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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

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...Just Not That Interesting
Last weekend was lots of fun! I spent much of Friday with snottygrrl; tasty Thai food for lunch, then out to Multnomah Falls, where there were a surprising number of tourists on a drizzly weekday. Then Dude Night! Sunday saw the Hawthorne Street Fair; also with snottygrrl, BA and thrihyrne. Then a walk with grrlpup and sanguinity to the Woodstock Library and back.

Since then: Work, mostly. I'm finding little mental capacity for writing comic scripts or other creative endeavors, despite having LOTS more Free Time. I did work up some ideas for comic books and a movie while washing dishes on Sunday morning. I suspect the meds are suppressing some of that, and some of it is just laziness. Would it help if I point out that I'm really enjoying my break from the comic?

I hadn't thought through that this would be a particularly busy stretch at Big Happy Fun Time, but it is. One cluster of programs got bumped up in the schedule, so we're trying to deploy them by the end of the month. And carry on the other analysis + design + testing + documentation + organization tasks that have to be happening now, too. Typically, my job doesn't leave me BrainFried™ by the end of a day, but over the last couple weeks, it's been more and more like that.

So I really don't have much of interest to report, but I realized that I hadn't posted for a while, and since I'm not updating the comic, some of you might start to wonder. So, Current Status: Still Alive

Current Mood: muted

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