July 6th, 2009

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The Days March On...

First day back at BHFT after what seemed like a long, long break. Probably because the holiday weekend was four days of varied things, some much more fun than others. Things I liked: Hanging out with family, watching the nieces & nephew, long phone call with my mother, naps, and a bunch of nights where I went to bed knowing that I didn't have to go to work in the morning.

Things I didn't like: Well... I'm just not going to think about all that.

Today was Day #4 of my latest round of Quitting Caffeine. Rather sleepy for a while at BHFT, but got better. Having a bout of insomnia now would be a setback (although if I wasn't expected to be awake all day, I could manage it). My body misses the stimulant, but I also miss the enjoyment of drinking coffee (which can be quite tasty when it's sweet and light). Herbal Tea is an imperfect substitute.

Since I have nothing better to blather about, I'll stop. I hope you're all doing well. Oh, and I'm VERY glad that temperatures are back below 80°! w00t!
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