June 17th, 2009

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Naturally, when I uploaded my webcomic last night (instead of this morning), it transferred in thirty seconds, not the hour+ that it had taken for the prior two uploads. I'll try uploading on Friday morning, to see whether it's a continuing condition that happens during the morning hours, or if it's resolved itself. I don't have the tools to tell where in the data stream the chokepoint is; it could be anywhere from my computer to the wireless router to my ISP to the Internet routing to the webhost's servers. But it's good to know that normal speeds are possible, and the problems I had may be all in the past.

Not only does the TV show "Heroes" use comic book imagery and design choices, but it has the same quality that turns me off to so many superhero/mutant comics: Everybody Is So Serious. I admit that the events depicted aren't frivolous, and that people actually experiencing them would indeed take them quite seriously. But the tone is so Heavy and Filled With Ominous Portent that it's feeling a bit much. So far, it is interesting and despite splitting time and attention across such a large cast, it's moving along well enough. I'll probably keep watching for a while.

Anyway, now it's time to zip off to Big Happy Fun Time, and battle the forces of... whatever it is that I battle. Have a good one!
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Baby Hz

You may know that I am merely a simple Writer/Analyst from Arizona, and not prone to Profound Thoughts. Last night, however, I was hunkered down in drarwenchicken and BILJ's kitchen while Baby Hz held my hand so she could climb in and out of her new Squishy Pink Foam Chair because it was being the Best. Toy. EVAR. And I thought "Someday, Little Girl, I will dance with you at your wedding, and I will think of this moment when you were tiny and you held my hand."

I don't know what the Future will bring, but I do hope so very, very much that she will grow into a healthy, vibrant adult, and live a long, happy life. And that I'll get to dance at her wedding.
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