June 16th, 2009

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I've been watching a lot of Season 1 of "Heroes" and not sleeping well, although I don't think they're related. I blame stress from Big Happy Fun Time, mostly. Today we did bring on another Business Systems Analyst to pick up some design work (which was slipping in the schedule), so that should help. I know if I sleep better, I'll be more productive.

Had a great, highly-social weekend, which I meant to post about, and just never managed to do so. Then on Sunday, I sorted through the Boxes Of Things To Go Away, removing things which really aren't suitable for donation (like pads of paper with only about a dozen sheets left), and stuff that should just be thrown away. That processed kicked up a lot of dust, so I spent a while after sneezing and sniffling. But the day was otherwise good, and I picked up DVDs at the library, which I have been watching. But I mentioned that.
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