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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, June 1st, 2009

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Good Hair Day
Today was a Good Hair Day. Life is always improved when one can look in the mirror and think "Hey, my hair's all right. Even, perhaps, good!" There's nothing like having one's hair appear comfortable and confident. One probably only gets a few hundred Good Hair Days in a lifetime. It seems a shame not to enjoy it when it happens.

The Big News of the Day was that my comic books came in the mail! (Finally!) The look good, just like the proof, with a brighter cover. Now I can set up to sell them to my Adoring Fans. I'm thinking of making a Value Pack of a signed comic book and last year's Stumptown booklet in an archival comic sleeve, with the birthday post card, some business-sized cards, and a couple Bonus Gifts. Do you think I could sell those for $10,000? I wouldn't have to sell very many at that price to make it worth my while...

Current Mood: Good Hair

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