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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

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Wherein Things Get Better
I don't want to just go on about my health*, but today showed a marked improvement. I was a bit concerned, after waking up at 3:00 am and struggling to get back to sleep, but I wasn't exhausted like I was yesterday. I felt okay. Good, even. Which was such a pleasant change, that I called sanguinity and we went for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and get caught up.** And we had a spirited conversation about "Things We Don't Like About 'Dollhouse.'"

As you can imagine, even if I'm not quite back to 100%, it was really, really good to feel well.

Don't stop believin'!

*Hahahahaha! Who am I kidding?

** Of course, when my activities for the last week are 1) feeling sick, and 2) posting on LJ about how I feel sick, "Catching Up" doesn't take very long.

Current Mood: chipper (almost)

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