May 2nd, 2009

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Saturday With The Family

So tired. Almost turned off computer without posting. Was a great day, though. Spent much of the morning working on Monday's comic (which seemed to take far too long, although there was some websurfing mixed in there, and a trip to take BILJ to the airport, and the way home included stops at Fred Meyer's and Joe's (to see if there was anything on Going Out Of Business Sale that I absolutely needed, and there was (a set of thick rubber floor mats for the new Evanmobile))), and that spilled into the afternoon. About 1:00, drarwenchicken asked if I wanted to join them for a walk. My father declined (he woke with a scratchy throat, and said that if he was coming down with something, he didn't want to share it with us, but I wouldn’t blame him if he just thought a day in his jammies, taking naps, reading a book, crocheting and having his meals brought to him was just the perfect way to spend the day (sounds pretty good to me)), so the rest of us headed off to the SoTaco* area. Just as we got out of the car and set up Baby Hz's stroller, the first rain drops started to fall. We went a block, then decided to do our shopping first, hoping that the rain would pass by during that time. Well, when we left the store it was POURING, so we scrubbed the walk, and went home. Later came the thunder and hail, followed by clear blue skies. But that's Spring in Portland.

Now I'm tired, but pleased. I hope tomorrow is a good day, too.

* That's "South of Tacoma." I have designated it such because when I use my debit card at the Sellwood New Seasons store, my bank statements show the transaction as "POS 1214 SE Taco". Which, as I'm sure you would expect, amuses me greatly.
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