May 1st, 2009

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When family is visiting, we all eat dinner together. Since I didn't cook (well, I watched the baby, which is helping), I cleaned up. So did my mother, because that is Her Way, and we ended up with her washing the dishes while I put stuff away. And we talked.

I don't know how many conversations we've had during dish washing, but it's a lot. It's when we get the most time to talk one-on-one. Tonight's theme was Family. I got caught up on what the rest of my siblings were doing, and learned more about my aunt and her family. And we talked about what it was like for my mother when her mother moved in with them when she was too frail to take care of herself, and that reminded me of mortality and how old my parents are getting and even though they still get around fine, that makes me think of things that make me sad. But we both agreed that we really appreciated how well our family gets along. They'll be visiting for nearly two weeks, but if prior visits are any indication, we won't have any major family weirdness during that time.

It was a good evening. There's something quite satisfying about having everyone around the dining table. I'm grateful to have them here.
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