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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

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The Ides Of April Eve
Just a quick update while my dinner cooks. Picked up drarwenchicken, BILJ and baby Hz at the airport last night. Hz wanted me to hold her, and didn't want to go back to BILJ or drarwenchicken, so I carried her around until it was time for her to go in the car seat so we could drive home. Talk about endearing. I gave her $5.

Spent a bunch of time last weekend working on the comic and preparing for Stumptown. Printed letter-sized sections of a 20"x30" poster and assembled them on foam-board. Was severely disappointed by the results. So I ordered a full-sized print online.

I keep thinking of other projects to work on. Book of columns! More artwork! More comic books! Need to focus on Stumptown through this weekend, then I can advance another project or two.

Wow. My dinner's ready. Thought I could write more in that time. Still, the Toaster Oven Waits For No Man, so I will go. Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

Current Mood: hungry

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