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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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Off And On...
Notes From Tuesday: Drowsy. Woke from restless dreams of being woken by intruders breaking into the house. Annoyed at failing email access, stumbling economy (back in the 80's, they all but promised that our 401(k)s would grow 12% annually), BHFT. Trying to figure out what material I can sell online to make money (subscription newsletter? Fiction? eBooks?). How can I ever create content that's good enough if I’m tired all the time? Barely keeping up with the webcomic as it is. Never enough time. Never enough energy. Never enough sleep. Life will look better later, but right now it's pissing me off.

p.s. - Wednesday: Slept better, despite anxiety dreams, which I suspect are work-related. So Life doesn't seem so bad, at the moment...

Current Mood: Normal

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