December 31st, 2008

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First Line Meme!

Now, as 2008 fades from view, like a corpse slipping below the surface of a fetid swamp, hopefully to be never seen again, especially by the authorities, I look back to perform my favorite year-end tradition, the First LJ Line of Each Month:

January: Wasn't 2007 a year full of wayward passions, indescribable surprises, luxurious days of leisure (many of which were spent watching crystal-blue tide waters slowly wandering up a tropical beach and back out again), and such moments of bliss that would make angels weep with gratitude?

February: You'd think that drawing a comic every hour would be no big deal, right?

March: Robots! Robots! Robots!

April: Once again, I’ve joined in on The Librarian’s Three On The Third project, but this time, I’m posting my comics right away (hey, I’m a rebel who plays by his own rules, although sometimes I choose not to, because that’s how unconstrained I am).

May: Once again, I’m posting my Three On The Third comics right away, because... it seems like the thing to do.

June: I should be assembling tomorrow's comic, but I wanted to do June's 3 on the 3rd Comics RIGHT AWAY.

July: Since I'm probably the only person in the world who repeatedly starts LJ posts, gets a few hundred words into one before deciding that they're tedious, stupid or otherwise Totally Lame, and abandons it to molder in the blogging equivalent of a compost pile, you'll just have to imagine what this experience is like.

August: Despite my best intentions, and a 10,000-volt mnemonic device, I've been terribly remiss in my Updates About The Life of Evan.

September: Despite my best efforts to stop Time itself and exist in some sort of chronographical Twilight Realm, a minute of the holiday weekend marched past every sixty seconds, leading to the inevitable morning wherein I returned to BHFT.

October: During this morning's commute, I watched a huge flock of Canadian Clowns heading south on their 1,500-mile autumnal trek to their winter feeding grounds in Mexico.

November: thrihyrne and I went for a walk along Springwater Corridor, from where it hits SE Ochoco to Johnson Creek Blvd.

December: Dear Universe, As much as I attempt to be grateful for That Which I Receive, in the matter of this recent Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend™, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a number of items that range from disappointing to outright vexing, which rendered the weekend Less Than Satisfactory.
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