December 20th, 2008

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

More Snow Photos

Because we must. I like how the streets are still pure white. Perhaps if I'm out later, I'll take some shots of a more scenic area, but this view from the front porch could be photographed while one was still in one's jammies.

Snow Dec 20
Click to enlarge.

(Yes, this is a panorama of several shots stitched together. I could have made the seams less obvious, but I have other projects I should be working on.)
hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Snowy, But Awesome

As far as I can tell, it snowed ALL DAY. I don't remember if I've ever done this since I came to Portland, but today I shoveled snow. I thought I'd clear off the front steps and walkway out to the street (we don't have sidewalks). The texture was more like fine sand or ash; the broom did a great job on the steps. But as I worked my way along, the snow was already covering the cleared area behind me. I know; one is supposed to wait until it stops snowing, but I suspect that later the precipitation will turn to Freezing Rain, and then the snow will not sweep away so readily.

Today was a Very Good Day, Indeed. I posted pictures of the snow on LJ. I sorted through boxes of kitchen stuff, culling items to go to Goodwill, leaving sets of "Things to Use Now" and "Things I'm Not Ready To Get Rid Of, But Have No Room For" (which may grow larger, as I try to find spaces for the Things to Use). thrihyrne called, and we talked for quite a while. I wrote a bit, and when I wanted a break, I played games on the computer. The day reminded me of when I was unemployed; it felt leisurely, yet productive.

I could get used to that. Looking forward to the next two weeks...