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So, What's All This Then?
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Thursday, November 27th, 2008

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I Give Thanks
In celebration of the day, I wish to sing the praises of hot running water. While that may sound facetious, think about it. In the history of homo sapiens (let's call it 200,000 years), the ability to take a hot shower on demand has only existed at the tail end of that span. And even today, less than 15%¹ of the global population has access to hot running water. I've also got electricity and all the joys that come with that (e.g. lights, refrigeration, television, and the Internet). I'm relatively safe from Wild Animals (but that doesn't stop me from being vigilant), and I have never wanted for food, medical care, nor a warm, comfortable place to live. Far too many people in this world cannot make those statements.

This has not been The Best of All Possible Weeks for me, but despite the low points, I'm quite grateful for my life. I have wonderful friends and family, and a lifestyle more comfortable than many kings have enjoyed.

You can do a lot worse than being happy while you're alive. For that happiness, I am thankful.

¹ This figure entirely made up.

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