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So, What's All This Then?
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Friday, October 24th, 2008

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From Wednesday: It's A Nice Day
Frankly, it's a beautiful Northwest Autumn day. I pause longer to look out the windows and admire it when I walk a loop around the ninth floor. All the mountains are out on the horizon, even those which usually fade into the haze. I generally don't buy into the mindset of "Sunny = Good Weather. Not Sunny = Bad Weather." After all, one should not live in Portland and believe that rain is bad weather. But it's Fall, and after a day so foggy that we couldn't see past the parking lot, to have clear, blue skies, warm air with just a slight breeze, and a view of the hills, with trees turned yellow, orange and red; it's hard not to be especially grateful for the sunshine. So I soak in the view from the window, like a gourmand savoring the last bites of a delicious meal. Perhaps these days aren't more beautiful merely because we have so many gray, cloudy days, but I don't think we'd appreciate them as much if the weather was always sunny and warm. And I'd hate to ever be blasé about a day as nice as today.

Current Mood: admiring
I'm a Genre Writer, and I have Political Opinions.
I intended to mail my ballot right away, but I didn't get to it until yesterday. There were a bunch of ballot measures to think about. But my Presidential selection was easy. I don't talk much about politics here, but that's mostly because I usually don't feel I have much to say that's new or illuminating beyond what more politically-savvy pundits have said. Recent Internet discussions about whether authors should write about politics have prompted me to speak up. Everyone has the right to express their political opinions. Yes, anyone in the public eye risks offending fans. But that is the writer's choice to make. And so, in my own small way, I'll walk the talk, and say a few things.

If you fear that knowing my politics will poison your enjoyment of my creative work, then just walk away, and we'll keep our relationship professional. If you're interested in knowing what I think, please read onBehind the CutCollapse )

Current Mood: political

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