August 25th, 2008

Kato Pleased

A Pretty Good Day

Took the day off from BHFT. I'm in negotiations to work 32-hour weeks, and I'd like to have a Tue-Fri schedule. Mondays would be devoted to Creative Projects, which is mostly what I did today. Assembled a comic and prepared a Newsletter before 9:00. Went for a walk, and did some grocery shopping on the way home. Then approved comic transcriptions, worked on Podcast scripts, and looked into scoring a Wacom tablet on eBay for Gilead.

After a few weeks of feeling too swampy and tired to be productive, it was great to feel like working and get stuff done as planned. I've almost completed Script #2, and once I have three full scripts ready, I'll start in on the recording. Haven't decided yet how I'll rotate in time on the comic books and my current novel, but having regular three-day weekends would make it seem much more possible to make progress on multiple fronts.
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