August 24th, 2008

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Oh, LiveJournal! I Have Not Forsaken You...

I admit, my online communications have been mostly through Twitter lately, but perhaps that trend is shifting back. I wish to return to regular epistles here. Surely I can put together a coherent, complete post...

Don't you hate it when you open the cupboard, and the last unopened bottle of saline solution you thought you had is actually the one that you just emptied? But on the way to the drugstore, I walked out the door to the smell of newly-fallen rain, and I don't think I will ever, ever tire of that, even if I live to 120.

Had a wonderful time with thrihyrne today; had Second Breakfast and then walked about on Mt. Tabor, where some sort of athletic competition was under way. I was having too much fun to generally remember that I had a camera, but I did increase my collection of photos of people taking photos (see below). I realized that I've taken no photos of thrihyrne's face, which I intend to rectify soon. I'm finding I fancy her quite a bit; a sentiment that seems to be happily reciprocated.

Mt Tabor Athletics
Click to enlarge.
Thistle Photographer
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I go to bed tonight with not only tomorrow's comic complete, but three beyond that, and this week's Newsletter ready for proofreading. The escalator is pleasantly quiet, and I have tomorrow off from BHFT for creative pursuits. This is a good place to be.
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