August 2nd, 2008

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LJ Post FunPak!

Despite my best intentions, and a 10,000-volt mnemonic device, I've been terribly remiss in my Updates About The Life of Evan. Sorry about that. Here's some stuff from the past week:

What The Hell, Brain?
As I was mentioning to The Librarian, my attention is alternating between thoughts of podcasts, comics, collected columns and a novel. It's weird how at times I can struggle to write the script for ONE comic, and at others, ideas spew forth like a vigorous... Spewing... Thing*. Lately at BHFT, I was supposed to be testing changes for some online programs, but my brain wanted to think about podcasts. Not wanting to lose the ideas (because they were pretty good), I said "Okay, if I write these ideas down, will you shut up and let me work?" And my brain was all "podcasts podcasts PODCASTS! " So I made a few notes, which only brought up more good ideas. And I wondered "Why can't you do this when I want you to?" Rather than answering, my brain just replied with the image of Madonna appearing on a tortilla (from her Material Girl phase). This is why people pay Muses so much.

But what I've been meaning to mention is that last Sunday, I went for coffee at Sound Grounds with a Friend of a Friend. snottygrrl had suggested that we meet each other when thrihyrne moved to Portland, and since every friend of snottygrrl that I've met has been delightful (except for The One Of Whom We Do Not Speak**), I was easily persuaded. It was (to echo what thrihyrne noted in her LJ) a most agreeable time.

Family Visit!
Right now, I'm preparing for StoneCarrier's visit. He'll be here for a week, to see the Baby. I don't have to do much to prepare, but it would be good to have Monday's comic and the week's Newsletter ready before he arrives.

New: Twitter!
I've finally succumbed to Peer Pressure, and signed up for Twitter. If you'd like to see what goes on in the Mind of Evan, you can track it here. I mean, you can, but you'll probably regret it.

That's all for now! I'm off to figure out something interesting to do tomorrow so I can create my 3onthe3rd comics about it!

*Note To Self: Continue to work on metaphors.
** Don’t worry; if you're reading this, it's not you.
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